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Matthew Lane's story

Head of Strategy & Marketing



Proud of my Hobart roots thriving on the glorious lifestyle. Once school finished I had dreams of the big city life packing my old Subaru wagon full of not much more than my clothes taking off an adventure to live in Melbourne.


My 15 years experience working for some of Australia’s highest regarded sport businesses such as the Richmond Football Club and Australian Sports Commission / AIS partnering organisations like Cricket & Cycling Australia plus numerous corporate business partners and government initiatives on strategy, capability and marketing - it has been a great ride

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Patrick Naughtin's story

Head of Market Insights & Engagement



A big country kid at heart. Growing up in Townsville, North Queensland, I was a sporting tragic. I had a crack at every sport I could, trying in vain to find one whereby my ability matched my competitive spirit. After dabbling in a few career paths, I found my passion working at the macro perspective of markets such as education . 


I have had the opportunity to work with circle markets from across the world, Palm Island to Pall Mall, Melbourne to Mumbai. I love designing unique experiences focusing on insights, trends and opportunities. I  have worked with many of Australia’s leading companies including Auspost, Lend Lease, Power & Water & KPMG